ClearVision’s Team


ClearVision Institute’s Board of Directors

K. Joseph Hartman: Founder and President of ClearVision.

Marcia Jaquith: VP of Research for ClearVision.

Tom Kelly, PhD: Professor of Education at John Carroll University

Lee Weiner: Marketing and Sales Executive for IBM.

ClearVision’s Advisory Board

Earl Babbie, PhD: Chapman University. Specialist and author in qualitative/quantitative research methods.

Albert Bandura, PhD: Stanford University. His social learning theory is a cornerstone of EE.

Linda Buzzell: Dir., Entertainment Industry Career Institute Founder, International Doc. Film Assn, IDA.

Jeffrey Cole, PhD: Director, USC Center for the Digital Future. Lead researcher – National TV Violence Study.

Garth Japhet, MD: Co-founder/Director, Soul City, the world’s leading EE TV show/multimedia campaign.

Jon Kilik: Film Producer, Dead Man Walking, Pleasantville, Do the Right Thing, Malcolm X, The Hunger Games.

Anthony Leiserowitz, PhD: Director, Yale Project on Climate Change. Leading global warming survey researcher.

Woody Miller: Chairman of Bode Miller’s Turtle Ridge Foundation.

David Poindexter: Pioneering Hollywood lobbyist, replicated Miguel Sabido’s EE methodology worldwide.

Corinne Shefner-Rogers, PhD: University of New Mexico. Specialist in EE program evaluation.

Arvind Singhal, PhD: Ohio University. Researcher and co-author of several books on EE.

E.W. Stetson: Film producer, philanthropist and environmental consultant.

John M. Templeton, Jr., MD: President, John M. Templeton Fdn. Chairman, Templeton/Franklin Funds.


Project Advisors

This list includes ClearVision’s and PMC’s main project advisors (for a complete list of PMC’s advisors, go to

Albert Bandura, Phd: Considered one of the most influential social psychologists of the 20th century, whose work on social learning and the power of role modeling is the foundation of EE.

Kriss Barker: VP of International Programs for PMC and the leading trainer in the Sabido Methodology with over 20 years of experience in behavior change communication and research.

Bob Barton: CEO of Catalyst Financial Group, member of Investors Circle and Social Venture Network, who specializes in renewable energy/efficiency and obtaining non-traditional funding.

Linda Buzzell: Director of the Entertainment Industry Career Institute, founder of the International Documentary Film Association (IDA) and author of How to Make it in Hollywood.

Virginia Carter: Former senior VP for producer Norman Lear during All in the Family, Maude, Good Times, The Jeffersons, etc. and an EE trainer who serves on PMC’s board.

Anthony Leiserowitz, Phd: Director of the Yale Project on Climate Change, and one of the leading researchers on American attitudes toward global warming, co-author of the Six Americas.

Bill Ryerson: Founder and President of PMC with 20 years experience as the leading adaptor of the Sabido Methodology for behavior change to various cultural settings worldwide.

Miguel Sabido: The “father” of entertainment-education and the Sabido Methodology, winner of numerous awards and producer of seven top-rated EE telenovelas at Televisa in Mexico.

Sascha Schneider: Producer for over 40 years of many documentary films and prime time TV series beginning with Hill Street Blues, who has recently worked on cable TV dramas on FX.


ClearVision’s Core Team

K. Joseph Hartman – Founder & President:  Joseph excels at being a catalyst who launches and coordinate initiatives. His long term interest in using media for positive social change, and his ability to bridge diverse worlds led him to embrace the task of mainstreaming EE in Hollywood.

Marcia Jaquith – Research/Education Coordinator:  Marcia has over 20 years experience in education as an environmental educator, public school teacher, and consultant. She specializes in professional development and designing effective learning situations for adults.