ClearVision’s mission is to demonstrate how a strategy known as entertainment education can be used in Hollywood.  The entertainment education (EE) strategy has numerous variations and has been used for decades with enormous success throughout the developing world to create top-rated TV serial dramas and other media to solve important social problems by helping people change their attitudes and behavior.

The EE strategy holds more promise for bringing about rapid, positive social change on a national scale than any other known strategy.  Yet despite its extraordinary track record, EE remains virtually unknown in Hollywood because of the health and development communication context in which it has spread.  ClearVision has embraced the challenge of adapting and applying the EE strategy in Hollywood to address major problems here in the U.S.

A Pioneering Initiative

ClearVision has collaborated with many of the world’s leading EE experts to lay the foundation for creating a prototype EE TV serial drama/multimedia campaign.  We aim to demonstrate that EE’s powerful use of role modeling can meet the great need people are feeling across America for help in dealing with the serious problems they are facing.